Wheelton Bath Shower Water Filter(H-301-2E) Softener


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1) Shower in tap water filter can remove a lot of rust, red worms, sediment and colloid and other impurities, so that bathing water purification.

2) KDF composite filter media in the United States through an electrochemical oxidation-reduction reaction can effectively remove chlorine and heavy metals (such as: lead, mercury, copper, nickel, cadmium, arsenic) and the like.

3)Energy chemical and biological ceramic balls can be activated within the bathing water quality, so messy group of water molecules arranged fission into small molecules of water, the water of the polar rearrange, small molecules of water, oxygen content of water higher than the average times, infiltration, can promote the metabolism and detoxification function, and increase the activity of water, easily absorbed by the body's cells.

4)Using energy shower can promote blood circulation, activate cells, purify the blood, increasing blood oxygen content, rapid fatigue, anti-inflammatory pain, and maintain the delicate skin, prevent dark spots, provincial plaque, slowing skin aging, skin bright and smooth. Also often use high energy activation shower can effectively remove dandruff, makes hair soft, shiny and elastic.


1.Color: Crome metal

2.Body material: ABS

3.Bigger Head Diameter: 2.7 CM(1/2 inch internal thread)

4.Smaller Head Diameter: 2CM(1/2 inch external thread)

5.Pressure range: 5-90 PSI

6.Temperature range: 4 ~ 60Celsius

7.Flow rate: 1 GPM

Filtration principle:

1)By a precision cotton core filtered tap water rust, sediment and large particles of suspended matter, keep the water cleanliness.

2)By KDF filter out heavy metals in water, reduce harmful heavy metals on human skin damage, reducing the probability of water intoxication.

3)Activation energy ball effectively resonate the molecules in water to form small molecules, small molecules of water is more easily absorbed by the skin, promote the skin surface of the metabolism, increase cell activity, helps blood circulation. Activation was weak alkaline water can neutralize the acidic skin layer, protects the skin dryness reasonable, reduce the incidence of skin diseases.

4)Water sterilization ball further kill viruses, bacteria, chloroform and further adsorption carcinogenic, reduce toxic chlorine content.

Package Includes:

1x machine shell and 3 cartridges


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Extra informatie

Brand Name



Shower Filtration

Water treatment machine Type

Soft Water Machine



Model Number



Ion Exchange Resin

5 Stage Filtration



Cold Water Pipe Installation

Water Yield(Liter/Minute)


Purifying Position

Terminal Purification

Power (W)


Time to market


Water Quality Requirements

Municipal Water

Acid or Alkaline

Lean to Alkaline Water


Food Grade ABS,Environmental


KDF + Calcium Sulfite + Microporous Membrane

Location of Installation

Mixed Outlet

Water Pressure of Working

0.2~0.4 MPa

Temperature of Working

0~60 Celsius

Impact Stream(yes or no)


Frequency of Change Cartridge

4~6 month

Size of Interface

1/2 inch


Chlorine Removal&Reduce Heavy metal and Virus and Bacteria


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Wheelton Bath Shower Water Filter(H-301-2E) Softener